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White sublimation mugs

White sublimation mug ORCA
Brand: Orca Model: CASO
White ceramic sublimation mug with ORCA coating.Shiny white ceramic. Excellent photo printing quality.Microwaveable. Height: 95mmDiameter: 82mmVolume: 360ml36 pcs./boxDishwasher safe!..
36 pcs box of White standard sublimation mug. TO BE SOLD ONLY IN FULL BOXES!
Model: CAS-02
White economy sublimation mug with JS coatingVery nice quality ceramic mug Height: 94mmDiameter: 83mmVolume: 375ml36 pcs./boxWARNING! TO BE SOLD ONLY IN FULL BOXES!LIMITED DISHWASHER CYCLES!..
Model: CAB-MAT
White sublimation mug matteMatte white ceramic mug for sublimation. Excellent printing quality.Microwaveable Height: 94mmDiameter: 83mm36 pcs./boxDishwasher safe !..
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